Marketing Advertising

This is a simple guide to marketing advertising and promotion and sales lead generation, for EU especially.
The services offered by Dea Company Advertising cover an email marketing project in its entirety from original concept to post-campaign evaluation. The service includes the following:
1. Design the campaign
2. Product or service design innovation
3. Personalization and targeting
4. Email list management
5. Building deployment system
6. Testing the plan
7. Implementing the campaign
8. Tracking the campaign’s progress in real-time
Market Segmentation, there are two distinct customer groups our company is focused on:
a. Online companies with e-commerce
b. Offline companies

Collaboration Agreement

Our Company offer many kinds of collaborations


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Distribution agreement

Our Company offer three main types of distribution agreement:


Where only the manufacturer and the distributor can sell the goods into a specific territory or to a category of customers.


Where only the distributor (not the manufacturer) can sell into a particular territory or to a category of customers.


Where the manufacturer retains the right to allow more than one distributor to sell on its behalf. This is the normal arrangement for FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) which sell in large volume and do not require post-sale support.



Dea Company supports your growth in the current market, while also providing you and needed to succeed in the industry

Our company offers level scheme envisioned to structure the partnership

  • General Partnerships

General partners share equal rights and responsibilities in connection with management of the business.

  • Limited Partnerships

A limited partnership allows each partner to restrict his or her personal liability to the amount of his or her business investment.

If you are interested in joining the Dea Company partnership network you are welcome.